Why are some closed grants included in the Grants Directory?

We sometimes have members ask why we include closed grants in our Grants Directory. It’s easy to assume that if a grant is closed, there’s no need to view it. However accessing details to closed grants can be very helpful when setting up your grants schedule and forecasting what grants opportunities may lie ahead.

Here’s how it works. Many grants open and close around the same time each year. While we update upcoming deadlines as soon as we hear about them, in many cases this information is unconfirmed for some time. As a result, previous deadlines are often the best indication of when the next round will be.

To track closed grants and keep an eye on when the funding details are confirmed, we recommend saving currently closed grants to your Favourites or Compare list. That way you can easily see when they re-open, as all funding details are automatically updated the moment we find out.

Another option is to save closed grants to your online Grants Calendar (available to Team Plan members). Here you can see all upcoming funding deadlines (including both open and closed grants), providing you with a broad landscape of all grant opportunities relevant to your specific field or organisation. Again, all you need to do is add a closed grant when you come across it, and the new details will updated automatically the moment we receive confirmation from the funding body.

Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director