A Critical Element of Who We Are

At The Grants Hub, we believe strongly in generosity. It's one of our team values and is infiltrated throughout our business. Whether it's through our staff volunteering allowance, making donations, Christmas membership giveaways or pro bono work, we love to give.

We are very excited to be adding a grants program to our giving.

Not-for-Profit Sponsorship Program


Our Not-for-Profit Sponsorship program is now open for applications!

This year, we are offering 100 Not-for-Profits membership to The Grants Hub at a heavily reduced rate.


We would love to support a variety of organisations Australia-wide, so don't let your size, location or sector of work stop you applying. We love hearing about the diversity of organisations making a difference across the country.

Application Process

Find out all the details and apply now.

Volunteer Support Grant


UPDATE: We received 3,098 applications for this grant. Read how we're now crowdfunding on Facebook and GoFundMe to try and grow the number of grants we can give away. Please be patient while we try and raise additional funds to give away, and then assess applications.


UPDATE 5 APRIL: Our grant review team has been working tirelessly to assess applications for our Volunteer Support Grant. Stay tuned for an announcement next week!


UPDATE 12 APRIL: We have a winner! Congratulations to Carissa Lockley, Guest Ambassador at Ronald McDonald House Southeast Queensland. We are also awarding free memberships to The Grants Hub to our top five applicants. Read more.


The Grants Hub is committed to a strong and vibrant community and admires the dedication of volunteers, who generously give their time and talent to support worthy causes.

We’re excited to announce a Volunteer Support Grant to the value of $500 available to a person acting in a regular volunteering role.

Objectives of the grant

  • Provide support and recognition to volunteer work

  • Encourage volunteering

  • Provide access to resources to support the role of volunteers.

Who is eligible to apply for the grant?

A person anywhere in Australia acting in a regular volunteer role for a period of 6 months or more.

Funding guidelines

The Grants Hub Volunteer Support Grant will provide $500 to a volunteer to fund any of the following items:

  • Full or partial cost of portable, tangible small equipment required to undertake your volunteering role (e.g. iPad, lawnmower, trolleys, gardening equipment)

  • Travel costs associated with your role as a volunteer (taxis, public transport, motor vehicle costs, flights)

  • Training related to carrying out your role as a volunteer

  • Any other costs to support your role as a volunteer.


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Eligibility (see eligibility criteria above)

  • Demonstrated need for the grant

  • Benefit that the grant will make to the volunteer and how it will support them in their role.

Application process

Applications closed Thursday 15 March 2018.

Frequently asked questions

Can I submit an application on behalf of someone else?

No, the volunteer themselves must apply.

Can an organisation/group apply?

No, this grant is for individual volunteers only.

We don't have a website to include, can we use our Facebook page?

Yes, a website or Facebook page link is acceptable.

Can I apply for equipment/fees I have already paid?

No, as per usual granting practices, this grant cannot be used to pay for retrospective costs (money that has already been spent).

How will the funds be paid?

By direct deposit.

Do I need to provide evidence of how I have spent the funds?

Yes, we will need to acquit the grant (send in receipt/s and a brief report), as per usual granting practices.

Will there be future rounds?

Yes, we hope so!