Top Three Grants of the Month

January's Top Three Grants.png

Following the same trend I have seen year after year, community support grants are again predicted to be the most highly sought after grant category in 2018.

Taking out the top three grants this month on The Grants Hub, these grants all have a strong community focus and aim to support disadvantage. In order of popularity, the most clicked grants were:

  1. Bennelong Foundation Grants: Aims to enhance community wellbeing and provide opportunities for positive and lasting change in our community.

  2. ANZ Staff Foundation Grants: Aims to support projects run by charitable organisations which offer a direct and tangible benefit to local communities.

  3. Honda Foundation Grants: Funds charities who focus on the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from long-term, life threatening illnesses; promote the development and preservation of Australian culture; and/or promote inventions and the development of new technology.

This is a very competitive area of funding, where it's so important to plan ahead and get a great application together. Our members can save these grants in their Favourites or Calendar on The Grants Hub, so that they can see when the next funding round opens and get started on their applications early.

It's just one benefit of being a member with us.

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Founder & Managing Director


Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director