Most Popular Grant of the a mile


The Federal Government's Building Better Regions Fund has been our most popular grant over the past month by an absolute mile. The demand for infrastructure funding is clear and competition under this program will be exceptionally high.

If you are applying under this program (it closes next Tuesday 19 December), make sure you:

  • Spend some serious time putting those finishing touches on your application

  • Double check that you meet the guidelines for both your project and activities (see pages 11 & 12 of the guidelines)

  • Finalise your co-contributions (see page 10 of the guidelines)

  • Check off every box

  • Look after yourself by taking breaks and refreshing yourself so that you're doing your best work when working on the application

  • Submit your application BEFORE the deadline - online submissions are renowned for jamming up close to the deadline due to the sheer volume of traffic.

I look forward to hearing if you're successful!


Find out more about the program.


Jessie Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director