3 unbeatable apps for working in remote teams

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For us at The Grants Hub, having the ability to work efficiently in a remote team is a key priority. Our philosophy is simple - we want technology to do what it does best, freeing up humans to do what they do best. Whether you’re a business, NFP or larger NGO, many of us need to communicate, project manage or administrate from remote locations. Our team is scattered amongst different states and countries. In fact, the only two team members who share the same location are my wife and I... and we tend to communicate better remotely anyway! So, if you haven’t tapped into some of these great apps already, here are three that we think you should definitely check out… and best of all, some are free!


Slack is where the people you need and the information you share meets in one place. It’s a chatbox on steroids. The ability to create private and public channels, easily shoot through attachments and seamlessly talk to others in your team makes this one of our favourite apps at The Grants Hub. You can easily hunt down previous conversations and content from the past, and the ability to use emojis and giphys keeps life in the digital world interesting and fun. 


Formerly known as Dapulse, this one is a must for the structured and logically minded! This app is handy to use for project management, or in our case as a tool to help you manage the general operation of your business. As is indicated by its name, Monday.com is a platform that sets you up for your team's weekly tasks and helps you manage your time and resources efficiently. Its colour coded, customisable features make this a flexible app that can really be used for almost anything - your imagination and creativity is your only limitation!


This app is one of our latest favourites. Asana is brilliant for managing the roll out of new projects. The drop and drag features makes it easy to manage pipelines in your work and track new projects as you work through each phase. Its inbuilt calendar is super handy and provides you with a high level overview of who’s doing what, and when. Like the previous two apps, sending updates and attachments is made easy. Communication between team members also allows you to provide updates and stay on top of your busy schedule. Our entire team lives in Asana, and without it we would be a cyberspace muddle! The base plan is free, and although it is restricted to public boards, it’s definitely one to check out.

So there you have it, three apps that allow The Grants Hub to operate remotely... and perhaps you too! 

The Grants Hub Team


Justin Ballantyne

Business Manager